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WriterZen AI – All-in-one Integrated CopyWriting & SEO Tool

The tools that make it easier for writers to create online content are always in demand. Every day, new things appear on the internet, and often these things go unnoticed. Writerzen, an All-in-one Integrated SEO tool, has gained popularity recently.

Writerzen is designed to help bloggers, entrepreneurs, and content creators succeed. We will discuss this review. Stop worrying about writer's block or hiring a content writer again.

You can be one of the thousands of happy marketers, copywriters, and entrepreneurs using Writerzen. It is possible to find keywords, content creators, rank for highly competitive keywords, and compare your competitors' results with Writerzen.

With Writerzen, you can write more SEO-optimized content. Our content can be better and more engaging with artificial intelligence and with fewer resources. Authors using Writerzen can analyze and write SEO-friendly content using AI. Creating original, high-quality content in your niche can attract more visitors, customers, and sales.

WriterZen: A Quick Guide

In WriterZen review, we'll be talking about the unique features of WriterZen. Let's take a look at a few things you should keep in mind when using this platform. The system allows you to create lists, publish books, and assign tasks to writers.


The UI of this tool is simply mesmerizing. You will love writing on this tool with all these helpful features.This is what the user interface looks like, in case you were wondering. It has three options, as I mentioned earlier.

Topic discovery, content creator, and keyword explorer.

WriterZen AI Review

Provide the option to check for plagiarism and to import keywords on the left side of the page.

Topic Discovery

This method can also be used to find topics related to the keyword you want to target. The tool brings top relevant topics related to keywords.

Topic Discovery lets you discover the topics for your posts. It shows you various clusters that contain many headlines to consider. It also shows you suggested insights for questions, prepositions, and comparisons.

Topic Discovery

WriterZen's topic search helps you find topics that will be relevant to your project. The tool uses an algorithm in which it will produce content based on the topic you enter. WriterZen can help you develop the right content at the right time.

Use this to create a mind map of the different ideas about the topic. After exploring various options, consider the best ones and choose one.

Using Topic Discovery, you will be able to avoid duplicate content and find the most relevant keywords. By avoiding keyword-heavy SEO and engaging your audience, you can gain an edge.

Content Creator

Fancy a writing assignment? You can use this tool whether you're writing a blog post, an essay, or a report, this tool can help you organize your assignments. The tool's versatility can also be helpful for project coordinators working on group projects.

Create an outline for your content with the content creative writing of Writerzen.

Choosing which outline to use in your content from the content of your competitors is the first step. Also, you will be able to create the note.

Content Creator

Content briefing/outlining is starting to feel a bit like using other tools, like Frase, Surferseo, or Marketmuse. Unlike other content tools, the WriterZen process is streamlined. First research and then write.

With the Content Creator Tool, an AI algorithm optimizes suggestions for a collection of keywords or phrases. It simply reviews the twenty most popular (ranked) URLs based on an artificial intelligence algorithm.

This means you don't have to worry about whether your text is boring, generic, or silly. You can be confident that all the suggestions will be beneficial for your readers.

This tool is a text editor, and it helps to make the user experience better. This will allow you to perfectly optimize your platform for the writer, including displaying contfull-screen mode and exporting files—and more.les, etc.

In addition, this tool makes it easy for you to communicate with others working on the same project. Whether your company is big or small, instant messaging helps you communicate with your editors. It's perfect for companies with multiple departments working on the same project.

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer tool of Writerzen helps you research the keywords you want to rank for.

All you need to do is select the keywords and make a list out of them. Keyword data can be filtered based on volume, CPC, Word Count, Inclusion or Exclusion of any term, etc.


Don't be a fool. SEO requires experience and intuition, you must trust your experience and intuition. It's a horrible idea.

WriterZen's Keyword Research Tool consolidates the Google Keyword Planner, Google suggestions, and a specific directory. With this tool, users are able to access the best of Google in one single tool.

Google Adwords has a massive and deep keyword database, so it's challenging to navigate. Fortunately, there are advanced filters that can help you find the right keywords.

List of keywords

Keywords list is a convenient feature in Writerzen. It is easy to group a couple of desired keywords and then add them to your existing or new keyword list. It is possible to delete them or add new ones anytime.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We've already talked about how to check bulk allintitles. This is a great way to grab visitors by utilizing the most-searched-for keywords. We can gain higher rankings for these low-competition terms because of high search volume.

You can use this tool to analyze the search requests your prospective clients are making. It is expected that the keywords will be clustered as closely as possible. Thus, the data will be accurate and the ranking system will be synchronized.

The right keywords will solve most of your problems if you don't rank well for a particular keyword. If you are a business or an individual, this feature could be extremely useful.

Keyword Data

Writerzen gets keyword data from google for Allintile and KGR (golden keyword ratio). In the original KGR method, the allintitle is capped at a search volume of 250. WriterZen, developed it further to include more than 250.


Keyword Clustering

Keyword Clustering

What caught my attention was this exciting feature. Under closely related topics, you can group the related keywords together. And can even export as well.

This is great for increasing the topical relevance of the content.

Plagiarism Checker

There is also a plagiarism checker included in the software. You can use this to determine if the content provided by your writer is plagiarized. The level of scrutiny can also be set according to an individual's requirements.

Plagiarism Checker

WriterZen is a plagiarism checker that is sure to impress. In addition to detecting all types of plagiarism, it can also identify hidden and embezzled plagiarism. Companies, as well as individuals, can use a content management system (CMS) like WriterZen. It is an ideal tool for businesses to use to stay in compliance with copyright law.

Create the content on a topic, and the platform will check it for plagiarism as efficiently as possible. Duplicate text or information on the internet can undermine the integrity of your writing.

Use a plagiarism detection tool to see exactly what percentage of your content matches content found on the web. It will even point out where it forms in order to make it easier to track down plagiarized or duplicate text.

Of course, as a writer, this is a huge benefit. Nevertheless, it will not be accurate if you use it for over five thousand characters.

Keyword Importer

In WriterZen, the keyword import tool lets you analyze researched keywords using Allintitle or KGR.

Within seconds, it is easy to switch workspaces and create new content.

Keyword Importer will let you research a group of keywords at a time and add them to existing lists. Keywords can be imported so you can check their popularity so you can make intelligent decisions.

These keywords are listed for you so that you can type them into your project. It will give you a name for the project and let you import key phrases via file.

Oh, I'm so glad I didn't know about this before. It could be a real-time saver when you're looking for a lot of keywords. But who would've thought it could be useful in so many ways?

What can WriterZen do for me?

WriterZen is for the writer who wants to be as efficient as possible. The main objective of the service is to make writing more convenient for its customers.ent.

As you might have already realized, WriterZen is a great tool for writers. Its primary focus is simplifying the writing process in the most efficient way possible through expert professionals working behind the screen.

With WriterZen, you can improve the effectiveness of your writing by optimizing for SEO and knowing the topics better. With WriterZen, you can connect the work of different teams working on the same project. This platform allows you gather your colleagues' work in one place.peers.

WriterZen Pricing

For Writerzen, a seven-day free trial is available. If you have not yet used Writerzen, I would recommend you to try it at once. The software is available on Appsumo with a lifetime deal.

WriterZen Pricing

Well, let's go over the different plans and the pricing structure. You may choose between three different basic plans. You can use the Starter plan to hire one writer to write articles for your website one time. The Pro plan is for unlimited use, and the Premium plan provides more features. Depending on your budget and needs, pick what works best pricing for you.

Free Trial

I know what you're thinking: "I know what I'm doing. I'm not going to pay for an evaluation." But what if you don't like the platform? What if it doesn't work? How would you know? Using WriterZen for free is a great way to test it out before you decide to make a purchase.

You can access the following features with the free version:

A weekly content brief is 10

Every day, 30 topics are looked up

Every day, 20 keywords are searched

Four thousand keywords are checked every week by Allintitle

Four thousand keyword clusters per week

A plagiarism check is performed every day on 5000 words

Premium Plan

The WriterZen Premium plan charges $70 per month or $49 a year. Take $10 off with this coupon.

Premium users have access to the following features:

Weekly content briefs of 50 words

Every day, 100 topics are looked up

Every day, 500 keywords are searched

Every week, Allintitle checks 50,000 keywords

Weekly keyword clusters of 50,000

30,000 words of plagiarism are checked every day

Plans with Platinum Status

In order to use WriterZen's Platinum plan, you must pay $70 per month. Among users, this plan is also popular.

When you purchase the premium version, you will have access to:

Every week, 100 briefs are produced

Every day, 300 topics are looked up

Every day, 1000 keywords are searched

Every week, Allintitle checks 100,000 keywords

Every week, 100,000 keyword clusters are generated

Every day, 70,000 words are checked for plagiarism

Companies and Enterprises can take advantage of our special plans

Large corporations require their employees to use a custom plan. You can request a custom plan from WriterZen by visiting their website if your company is large. Plan flexibility and business needs are specifically addressed in these plans.

WriterZen has many advantages

The WriterZen platform has the following benefits:

With WriterZen, money-back guarantees are flexible. Cancelling a subscription is easy. You will not be subject to any hidden costs or obligations. The platform offers a wide range of options. We offer keyword discovery, topic discovery, content creation, and plagiarism checking in one place.

Drawbacks of WriterZen

The WriterZen platform has some drawbacks you should consider before you buy it. Here are the disadvantages of the product:

Unlike its competitors, WriterZen focuses on keyword research and optimization. With this platform, writers can create optimized content for keywords and then organize them into categories for search engine optimization. The credits system makes me worried. The credits are finished quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Have you heard of Writerzen? - Is it Legit?

Writerzen is a new company aiming to disrupt the content marketing space. It is an AI writing assistant which helps content writers generate ideas and produce quality content. It can be used to generate blog posts, social media posts, press releases, articles or even copy for emails or landing pages.

I am sure the Writerzen is legit andI am very happy with my purchase.

2. Where do the keywords data come from?

WriterZen uses the content from a post to identify what keywords are relevant. It also analyzes the post for certain aspects such as length, readability, and topic.

The data come from a variety of sources, including Google's Keyword Tool, SEMrush, and the company’s own research.

Keyword data is collected by using a tool called Google's Keyword Tool. The tool provides keyword related data such as the number of people searching for that word and how many websites are on the first page for that keyword. Another source for keywords is SEMrush. This program collects keywords from across all available search engines to provide a more complete set of keywords because it searches through sources like Bing and Yahoo. WriterZen also uses its own internal research to help find relevant keywords for clients.

3. How does WriterZen’s plagiarism checker work?

WriterZen is a full-service plagiarism checker that not only detects plagiarism, but also highlights the areas of the text that are similar to other sources.

WriterZen is an online tool that scans through a document and compares it to millions of sources on the internet. It not only detects plagiarism, but also highlights the areas of text that are similar to other sources.

WriterZen is an online plagiarism checker that operates in several different ways - one being by comparing documents to millions of sources on the internet. Not only does it find instances of plagiarism, but it also highlights any portions of text in your document which are similar with content found from elsewhere on the internet.

WriterZen plagiarism checker has the capacity to detect plagiarism with 98% accuracy. It does this by comparing your content and checks for any similarities.

WriterZen operates in a similar way as Google's Grammarly for text input. It detects "near matches" which means that if two articles have similar sentences with different words, WriterZen may not catch them as being related.

The software uses a combination of thesaurus, database, and word-list comparisons. WriterZen's database includes up to 1 million words that are searched for when checking for plagiarism. The software also incorporates checks for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and readability.

4. Is it possible to upgrade my account?

Yes, of course! Your subscription can be upgraded very easily. Select a plan under the Plans & Pricing tab by clicking the 'Upgrade Now' link. Depending on the plan and validity of the current subscription, you may be charged a fee if you are renewing.

5. What are the payment options?

There are four credit and debit card options available at WriterZen. In case of questions or needing additional assistance, you can contact WriterZen at support@writerzen.net.

6. Multiple languages are supported by WriterZen?

Multi-language support is not available with this tool. Each tool has a search box that you can use to find your desired language. All 46 languages of the software are available worldwide.

7. The company has a privacy policy. What is it?

For more information, please visit https://writerzen.net/privacy-policy.

8. WriterZen was founded when?

For many years, the industry has dominated South Asia, and now it has expanded internationally.

9. Is there a discount on these plan options?

The first time you use WriterZen, you may get a discount or early-bird discount. After you sign up, you might get freebies as well.

10. What hidden fees are there? What plan obligations are there?

Neither hidden costs nor contract obligations exist on the platform. Online payment amounts can be viewed.

11. Is it possible to get a refund?

Yes, it is possible to get a refund. No hidden fees are associated with this platform. The price is clearly displayed.

12. Are the keywords data collected from a variety of sources?

The WriteZen tool includes a chat feature as well as SEO features. A keyword planner and a database of Google suggestions are used to gather the data. Hence, the results users get correspond to the SEO projects they're working on.

13. How can I get support?

For any questions or comments, please email support@writerzen.net. Two business days will pass before they respond.

14. What is keyword explorer tool?

The keyword explorer tool of Writerzen helps you research the keywords you want to rank for.

15. What is the filtering process?

Keyword data can be filtered based on volume, CPC, Word Count, Inclusion or Exclusion of any term etc.

16. How do I use the keyword data?

By making use of this keyword data, you can easily move on to the next steps for generating high-quality SEO optimized content.

17. How do I add a headline to my keyword list?

It's quite very easy to add any headline to your existing or new keywords list.

18. What is Writerzen content creator wizard?

Writerzen is a content creator tool that makes it easier to fabricate the outline of your content with just a few clicks.

19. What are the best writing tips?

Construct masterful writing using a rich editor.

WriterZen's On-boarding Process

WriterZen has an intuitive, straightforward, and easy-to-understand user interface. To use WriterZen, you will need a WriterZen account, so log in and create one. Using the tools provided here, you can create amazing content.

WriterZen’s Customer Service

Customer support at WriterZen is outstanding. For each problem, the experts provide a detailed solution. Customers receive a response quickly and have their concerns addressed.

I think it was a good experience (score 8/10)

I found the keyword tool to be very useful. It has KGR features as well as clustering. Topic discovery is promising. The content creator feature is okay and needs more polish and features. There is currently only one user seat available.

Summary Overview of WriterZen

Uncover compelling content ideas and powerful analytics for maximum impact.

Create content that thrives

It takes more than sharing, clicking, and reading well-crafted content to get organic traffic.

Writerzen helps you produce content that is highly relevant to the search terms people are typing in.

Keyword Research Made Easy

From the biggest keyword database, you can get millions of suggestions. Just a few clicks to pick the best ones.

Discover Untapped Golden Topics

Create high-ranking content based on what your audience is looking for to engage them quickly.

WriterZen has reduced the time it takes to conduct research by hours for Text Mercato.

Grammar and plagiarism tools let you improve word usage, punctuation, grammar, and unique content. Writerzen has been an excellent purchase since it includes SEO features and has many potentials.


It's easy to create content with WriterZen. Both beginners and experienced users can make use of it. You can get a list of SEO keywords, create a heading that will bring maximum traffic.

WriterZen's features are its analytics, optimization, and its ability to let users create content. In the future, you can expect new features. If you are hyped, give it a try! You will not just be able to create content but will also be able to optimize it.