Train the data collection team on survey objectives

Train the data collection team on survey objectives and tools
prior to each data collection exercise
Training is required prior to any data collection exercise. Even staff with extensive
experience in data collection should be trained on the specific objectives, tools and
protocol for each exercise. The following guidance is applicable for both qualitative
and quantitative surveys and for monitoring and evaluation activities. If your survey
includes both qualitative and quantitative components and a data collection team for
each, combine the initial stages of the training—objectives and overview of the
survey and principles of data collection. Then separate the group to allow the
qualitative data collection team to focus on qualitative data collection techniques and
tools, and the quantitative data collection team to focus on the quantitative
techniques and tools.
  Include data enterers in the training if possible. It is important for data enterers to
understand the objectives of the survey and to be very familiar with the questionnaires
and tools used in the survey. This will help to reduce errors and increase time
efficiency during the data entry process.
Each data collection team should have a supervisor. Supervisors have extra
responsibilities in addition to data collection (in some surveys, supervisors do not
themselves collect data). See Annex A for details on the roles and responsibilities of
  If you have not identified supervisors prior to the training, select them midway
through the training. Select training participants who have exhibited a good level of
attention to detail, dedication to the exercise, and a strong understanding of the
methodology and tools to be supervisors.
  Hold an additional training session (one to two hours) for supervisors to discuss their
roles and responsibilities.
Depending on the level of experience of the data collection team(s), the length and
complexity of the survey tools, and whether translation is required, the training could last two to four days. Refer to Annex B for topics tocover in the training.
Annex C provides principles for data collection.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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