Tips for the facilitator and notetaker

Tips for the facilitator and notetaker
Tips for the facilitator:
  Read the questions exactly as they are stated in the tool. Many questions also
include follow-up questions. Once participants have given their initial
answers and thoughts, ask follow-up questions such as ―why is that
important to you?‖ or ―are there any other reasons for this?‖
  Guide the discussion back on track if it starts to take another course. If the
discussion starts to veer off track, be patient and do not interrupt any
  If there is more than one participant, draw out each participant by asking
individuals to respond if they have been quiet throughout the discussion.
Make sure that certain individuals do not dominate the conversation.
  Keep a neutral facial expression throughout the interview or discussion and
do not react to any comments or statements.
  Allow pauses after each question and comment to allow participants to
provide additional feedback and for the recorder to write all that has been
Tips for the notetaker:
  Record the notes in the language in which the qualitative exercise is
conducted. The notes should be translated at a later time.
  Write the number of each question that is asked and the discussion that
follows, and note when the facilitator asks a follow-up question in the notes.
Use a new line and a bullet point to indicate when a new participant speaks.
  Atthe end of the discussion for each question, write an arrow to highlight the
consensus reached by the group or write ―no consensus.‖
  Once the discussion is finished, take extra time to expand the notes and add
any additional information while it is still fresh in your mind. Other team
members should be able to understand all information in the notes even if
they did not participate in the discussion.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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