Project Steps and Cycles (From PNGO Perspective)

Projects are never static. As they progress, they will go through a series of steps and cycles that will guide them to completion. These steps and cycles will vary depending on their purpose and the organization that designed them, but there are common factors that affect every project.

The Five Project Steps offer their own unique perspective on the project steps and cycles, exploring them from the point of view of the implementer rather than the planner. The five project steps they focus on are: define the scope of your plan, - develop goals and objectives, - plan your work, - establish a monitoring and evaluation system, and - communicate and follow up.

Practically we cover the following steps for a complete project cycle:

The project cycle is a process that is used in project management. It refers to a set of steps and processes that are followed to complete a project. The process is broken down into a series of steps. The steps are further broken down into activities.

Step 1

Proposal submission

Step 2

Proposal awarding

Step 3

Contract signing / agreement

Step 4

Contract signing / agreement

Step 5

Finalize project design and result framework

Step 6

CSA-Community Situation Analysis

Step 7

Baseline Study

Step 8

Project Implementation/ Delivery

Step 9

Project Monitoring

Step 10

Mid Term Evaluation

Step 11

Endline Evaluation

Step 12

Phase out planning

Step 13

Transition / Phase out / Project extension

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