M&E staff uses and disseminates results

M&E staff uses and disseminates results
Use the M&E results during regular project meetings and M&E-specific meetings. Use M&E results in a timely manner so that you can identify and address any problems immediately and replicate successes. The use of M&E results can be as simple as dedicating 10 to 15 minutes in each project meeting to discuss the latest monitoring or evaluation findings. Include project staff and managers in the M&E discussions.
 After collecting and analyzing the data, it is a mistake to think the M&E activity is completed. Using the results is the final step in the M&E process.
Disseminate results throughout your organization and to multiple types of stakeholders. Include project staff, technical staff and management staff in your dissemination plans. Each staff position will learn from the results in different ways and contribute differently to their interpretation and to the decisions made based on these results.
 Knowledge and information are of no use when kept on the shelf. Be proactive about sharing your results.
 Disseminate results to a variety of stakeholders to contribute to the transparency of your work.
Tailor the means of dissemination to the type of stakeholder. For example, donors may prefer to receive quarterly or annual reports, though other stakeholders may benefit most from a presentation or discussion. Hold a community meeting to disseminate the results to recipient or participating communities. Remember to include these community meetings in your timeline.
Include not only successes and accomplishments, but also challenges, weaknesses and lessons learned in the results you disseminate. Challenges and weaknesses are also results and you should openly share them with stakeholders to maintain full transparency. Include an analysis of the results and how you intend to address any challenges or problems identified.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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