M&E staff analyzes all data collected

All data collected should be included in the analysis. By building the data collection
tools (both for monitoring and for evaluation) directly from the M&E plan, you
ensure that 1) no additional data will be collected that is not required for analysis
and 2) all required data will be collected.
  Refer to your analysis plan often during analysis (refer to Creating an Analysis
Plan). You may revise or expand your analysis plan based on preliminary findings.
Discuss any proposed changes to the analysis plan with the project manager, M&E
staff and any other relevant stakeholders.
If you collected both quantitative and qualitative data, analyze each type of data
separately and then interpret the results together. Annex A includes key steps for
analyzing quantitative data and Annex B includes key steps for analyzing qualitative
  The analysis process should be efficient and organized to produce timely results and
feed into programmatic decision-making. Ensure that there is adequate capacity
(either internal staff or external technical assistance) in place well in advance. Refer to
Reflection Events to plan for reflection on both project progress and the M&E system

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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