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Longshot AI Review: Can A Robot Make You Rich?

Longshot AI is a new company aiming to bring "AI" (i.e., machine learning and AI) to the masses in a way that has never been done before. Most of the current companies trying to "bring AI to everyone" are using it as a buzzword to sell you their product. However, Longshot AI can be a "game-changer" in the AI space, including the SEO features.

Longshot AI offers customers a chance to take part in the pre-sale

The giveaway approach is appreciable, including the trial offer of this AI tool. "longshot.ai is a unique platform for the crowd to participate in the pre-sale. This is a chance for them to get the credits at a lower price, and also help the startup with their marketing efforts."


  • Blog
  • Marketing copy
  • Ad copy
  • Sales email
  • Brand copy
  • Product description
  • Content ++
  • Research what to write
  • and more....

What Longshot creates

AI blog Assistance

Don't know what your next perfect blog should be about? Wish to create some ideas for your blog's content? Don't worry; the Longshot AI will you cover. The AI blog assistant will guide you through every step of your blog writing process to help you write the best content ever.

Generate marketing copy

LS marketing copy

Enter some of your keywords and descriptions to get started! Then, choose from one of our pre-selected templates before an AI fills in the blanks like AIDA, PAS for you based on marketing research. 

Generate Ad Copy

If you're struggling for creative ideas for your next ad campaign, check out the Longshot. It can help you create some high-quality content for your ad on Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn.

Sales email

It can help you create sales email copy. There are many features of sales email copy that can help you generate more sales. For example, it can help you to create a compiling sales-oriented email copy using information using your customer list.

Generate Content Extender

Generate Product description

Generate Facebook copy

LS Facebook copy

What I liked

  • All in one solution tool (SEO + Content writing + Email copy)
  • Click once, get an entire blog post
  • Blog Generator (long-form content generator) including Short, Medium, or Long
  • Research Topic
  • Plagiarism free unique content
  • Need a very minimum tweak/edit to publish the article
  • Good performance to generate the content
  • This approach is efficient: start with a high-level outline, then use keywords research to fill in details. It refers to several other excellent content marketing strategies: Quora, Google searches, and Reddit conversations.
  • When your blog is finished, you can export it for further tweak/edit 
  • The research tool and the option to add the keywords into the model are some of the very best ideas.

Area of improvement

  • Could be rechecked the relationship between the subheadings (paragraphs) on long-form generation. Sometimes it doesn't seem to be connected 
  • Some of the produced write up has mixed up (First, second and third person)
  • The save button is missing - Save the content in a folder would be useful
  • In the pre-release trial application, 100 credits were used to generate smart copy and the long-form, content but there is scope to mention the credit cost process. 
  • Only a few models are there compared to current artificial intelligent tools in the market 
  • You should have a folder that would show you historical information for the generating output.
  • Copy to clipboard should work
  • Save button should work
  •  Predict performance should work
  • Marketing Angle: Coming soon
  • Right click copy/paste on the editor should work

Suggestions for future addition

  • Team (collaboration) feature may improve the demand of the software for many users within the team
  •  Opportunity to share the output with writers/others
  •  Keyword cluster
  •  Sentence finisher
  •  Bullet point expander
  •  SEO Meta description
  •  Listicle
  •  Landing page
  •  Plagiarism Check
  •  Tone changer
  •  FAQ
  • WordPress plugin
  • Custom model

See here the road map. 


How does Longshot AI work?

Topic idea
  • Choose the type of copy
  •  Understand what your audience looking for
  •  Give some hints to the AI
  •  Get your copy
  •  Edit, save, and publish

Longshot uses the latest advances in machine learning and neural networks to offer AI analysis software to the general public. The core of the Longshot AI platform is built on Microsoft's Azure cloud computing service. It is allowing the company to offer its customers an integrated, easy-to-use platform.

LongShot AI Overview / Review

Credits: Anil Agrawal

How does Longshot AI help me make money?

Longshot AI uses AI to take data from you and then learn from that data. Longshot AI then uses this data to apply its AI technology to suggest ideas, outline, intro, content, and make money for you. You can produce unlimited long-form data, SMM ads without investing a penny and waste hours.

The most significant benefit of using Longshot AI is the simplicity of the process. Longshot AI is based on Artificial Intelligence that creates investment opportunities according to your goals. Longshot uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to get better at predicting the future.

Challenges Facing Longshot AI

When we think about AI, the natural response is typical "Doesn't it already exist in some form?" Indeed, the answer to that question is, of course, yes, that is correct. However, most of the existing AI software packages out there are only available to a few people because of the cost.

These AI programs are geared towards people who will pay for the full implementation of these programs and products. AI programs do not learn or make recommendations to business owners without extensive training.

What Problem Does Longshot AI Solve?

The vast majority of current solutions for "AI" are targeted towards a particular industry. Although their solutions might seem impressive on paper, they aren't of much use in other sectors because they don't offer a complete solution.

Longshot AI can fulfill the solution of writer's block, keyword research, and topic research too. You don't need to waste hours and hours to generate long-form content. The tool is being improved gradually and includes the new features regularly to solve the SMM and sales emailing solution.

long shot sneak peek

Why is Longshot AI a Game Changer?

Huge amounts of money are thrown around by companies that claim to have "AI" and then cannot deliver on their promises. These companies have the problem that they hire the same graduates that are giving our country a skills shortage. Many of these companies are just looking for the "lowest-hanging fruit" to make them money quickly before things move too far down the road.

While many of these companies have actual AI, it is nowhere near the accuracy that it needs to solve customer problems. Longshot AI uses an "industry-standard" set of algorithms that have been proven to deliver the accuracy that the company claims.

How is it different from other AI?

Longshot AI is attempting to change how people make money in the content world. There is a lot of AIs content generating tool on the market nowadays. How many have the long-form content writing tool? Is there any to build in SEO tool in their app? The Longshot AI writing tool has the tools that are unique in features and quality output. The long-form article is generating including outline just a click, and the quality of the generated article is good too.

Who is Longshot AI for?

Longshot is best for copywriters, Marketers, Bloggers, Agencies, and startups. Why? Longshot is for people who love to write and spread creative content using social media and blogging. It's for people who want to do all the work while getting more or the same amount of creative control.

Longshot is constantly updating to keep up with the ever-changing world of content creation world. Longshot is perfect for beginners. Why? If you're not sure or you have a content block, Longshot will help you to write your blog to assist you without paying a cent.

Why should you choose the Longshot AI?

Although Longshot AI uses AI to make money, they are keeping their product in a very "seed-stage" state. I've been following Longshot AI for a while now, and I'm impressed with how quickly the company has developed its product.

I believe that a core component of Longshot AI's success is that their team has been very open about sharing their progress with the market. The Longshot AI team has been very transparent and forthcoming with their progress on social media, and their blog is very active.

What does Longshot AI offer?

Longshot AI is offering a trial with no credit cards added. You will have complete function testing of Longshot before purchasing the tool.

Is Longshot AI worth buying?

Longshot AI has created the world's first "AI-powered research topic feature." Not only is Longshot AI an AI-powered research topic platform, but it's the first time anyone has ever created such a platform. I say that because no one has ever had the technology to accurately predict how a research feature will perform in the real world.

Thus Longshot AI is also creating research to come up with a platform that acts based on artificial intelligence. Longshot AI believes that what they're doing will make business sense for other companies to use and leverage.


Latest price of LS

See the latest price here: https://www.longshot.ai/pricing


Longshot AI believes that if they can develop an AI SaaS that's affordable, it could transform the way people think about AI and the overall AI market. That being said, I am not putting all my chips on this one. It is incredibly premature for me to be saying that this is going to work or even going to be an excellent investment.

But I will still give it a shot. While Longshot AI is a Longshot, I believe that it represents one of the most innovative AI companies on the market. It has a shot to be one of the best. If Longshot AI turns out to be a decent investment, I will probably recommend it to anyone I know and trust. To know more about Longshot AI, click here.

Further information of Longshot AI:


Ankur Pandey as the 30% content generated by using the long-form content tool of Longshot AI.

70% of content was written by myself after using the Longshot AI. this 70% was done by learning, analyzing, practicing, and then writing by myself instead of helping any tool. The rest of the 30% info I picked from Longshot AI long-form generated content. Yea, I used Longshot AI to generate only the 30% content in my review article and this 30% content was useful and a little tweaked/edited as needed by me before publishing the content. Interestingly the long-form content of Longshot generated information was very good quality. I was surprised whenever I was cross-checking the generated info by Longshot AI between some sources, it was showing accurate info content that was generated by Longshot AI. So I liked the tool in my first sight after doing some research. And I committed to upgrading the Longshot review content in my blog gradually in the future too.