Experience sharing of Mobile Phone Based Program Monitoring System (mPMIS)

Key observations

  • Delayed bill received from operator resulting internet inactivity/disconnection
  • Over use of internet and cross the package limit lead to net disconnection
  • Poor network- takes long time to up and download
  • Picture regulation; size was large, failed to post data
  • A-GPS was off: confirming location and waited for a long time
  • Error message popped up: failed to post data
  • Error message popped up for not using country code with phone number; unauthorized message and fails to sync data
  • Apps download address was wrong; page cannot be displayed and download failed
  • Unauthorized use of mobile phone (page cannot display and data entry hampered[huge picture, use memory card, download apps, use duel SIM and internet was not fixed in SIM] )
  • Water quality test data entry date format was mm/dd/yyyy but should be dd/mm/yyyy; error regarding date and unable to post data
  • Plan was not sync and user were confused; planned activity was not entered for the month or activity was not executed in the month
  • Few mobile numbers were inactive for SMS service; unauthorized error

Actions required

  • Data connection must be off during sign off from office and data connection must be on during resume office in every official day
  • Any unauthorized use of mobile phone is prohibited (use face book, mail, read online paper, view jobs site, watch natok, visit YouTube, download games, download dictionary and other apps)
  • Backlogs data will be enter within June 14
  • Any extra bill will be provided by users and continuous follow-up the users who’s bill were overdue.
  • Data will be saved in the field and submit where network is available within the day of entered data

Supports Need

  • Review the rules and regulation of uses the phone
  • Staff were instructed on: how to enter data smoothly when syncing photo takes long time, when data failed to submit, when new data is not available message, how to activate GPS of and how to reduce picture size
  • Oriented M&E officers and managers on how to use the web panel to cross check, verified and approve data, view plan, progress, report, graph and download data in excel sheet etc.
  • The visitor identified the poor network coverage area to discuss with the field staff and went there to observe data entry system. Field staff entered the data and submitted successfully from low network coverage area. But they need to save data where no network coverage and send where network is okay

Trouble shooting

Please find the steps for best solution of mPMIS system.

1.Format the set first (follow the next slide steps)

  1. Reduce picture size: Open camera-> touch on settings symbol -> touch on camera symbol ->touch picture size – select 1.3M pixels->back to home screen-done
  2. set up A-GPS -> go to setting->location service->On GPS satellites->again touch just on GPS ->tick mark on GPS EPO assistance->tick mark on A-GPS – back to home screen
  3. Enable GPS and data conn from slide drawer
  4. Done

1.If  photo sync takes long time: when photo sync message will arise then wait for a while -> press ok->press save- off the phone->on the phone->open wateraid apps->go to review-press submit button again to submit the data

2.if any error message occurs like code 3 or code 1, press ok->press save- off the phone->on the phone->open wateraid apps->go to review-press submit button again to submit the data

3.authentication error: after getting password and again show authentication error, uninstall the apps, send message to 2702 to get password , sync again

4.Date format will be mm/dd/yyyy (05/25/2014) on water quality test entry form

5.Failed to submit data: -> touch save -> close the apps-wait for a while or go to network zone – open apps-go to review and submit the data

6.Sync takes long time: enter user mobile number and password – press sync button – wait for a while (5-10 minutes)-done

7.Check internet volume uses: dial *111*6*4# wait for a while, you will get a message with used volume

Format procedure of walton N1

  1. 1. Power + Home+ Volume down button press at a time until screen shows
  2. Factory mode will come
  3. select Clear eMMC (use volume up and down button)
  4. press power button
    5. Formatting / data…. will show and mobile will be restart
  5. wait for a while
  6. Welcome message will show and Press Start button
  7. Press No
  8. Press Not now
  9. 10. Press next arrow symbol
  10. Press next arrow symbol
  11. Press Next
  12. Press next arrow symbol
  13. Press Finish
  14. Press OK
  15. Done

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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