Development Monitoring | Consider The Issues During Data Back Check

Development Monitoring | Consider The Issues During Data Back Check:

  1. Consider MVO Framework (MVO: Monitoring Verification Output)
  2. Ensure appropriate indicators
  3. Ensure data review, verify and approve within the submission month
  4. Quality of picture and logical relationship with picture and reported people
  5. Consider the spelling, like name of districts, Upazilas, Union and technologies during enter water facility ID
  6. Missing/mismatch ID, date format: ID format must be same for each and every projects
  7. ID cross check between achievement and water quality database (only for water facility)
  8. Duplication of data:
  9. Accuracy of reported beneficiary and dis-aggregated data
  10. Social MAP, CSA checklist, CBO resulation,  Water quality report and event reports are available

Additional: if any

  1. Quality of work for hygienic, functionality, sustainability issues
  2. Community people awareness on WaSH issues

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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