Datacollection teams field-test the tools prior to use

All members of the data collection team should have an opportunity, as part of the
training process, to field-test the tools. The field test will provide the team with
additional practical experience in data collection. As a result, data collectors are
likely to be more at ease during actual surveys and discussions, making respondents
and participants more at ease as well. Field testing is not only a critical component of
the data collection team‘s training; it also is essential to verify whether any question
is unclear, ambiguous or otherwise not likely to yield desired information, and
whether all data collectors and supervisors can adequately perform their roles.
Field-test each tool in a community that will not be included in the data collection
exercise but that is fairly similar to the targeted communities. If possible, pick a
community that is nearby to avoid extended travel time. Quantitative team members
should each conduct at least two interviews and qualitative team members should
each have a chance to practice their roles (whether facilitator or notetaker) at least
once during the field test.
Following the field test, hold a discussion to solicit feedback from team members
about how the tools worked overall and any suggestions they may have to revise or
alter specific questions. Make final revisions to the tools based on this discussion.
  Print the questionnaires and tools for the survey after making these final revisions.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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