Data entry is time-efficient to ensure timely availability of information

Data entry should be timely and efficient so the analysis and results can quickly feed
into project management and decision-making. Structure the data entry process to be
most time-efficient. You can structure the data entry process in one of two ways:
data enterers can each enter the entire questionnaire or they can enter only a section
of the questionnaire. With a shorter questionnaire, it is easier and more time-efficient
for data enterers to complete a full questionnaire before moving on to the next one.
With a long, complex survey, it may be preferable to assign each data enterer a
section of the questionnaire. This method allows data enterers to become more
familiar with the data they enter and may ultimately reduce data entry error. If you
proceed with this method, make sure the data enterers input each questionnaire‘s
identification number into their appropriate section of the database each time they
input data. The data can be linked later through these identification numbers.
  Create a coherent filing system for the entered questionnaires. You can file the
questionnaires by identification number or place them into numbered folders by
cluster. You will need to access individual questionnaires during data cleaning and
an organized filing system will save time and frustration.

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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