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Steps for interpreting data

1.  Review the summary report(s) with field staff and data collectors and other key stakeholders. Hold a workshop or meeting and allow adequate time to interpret these results. Refer to Reflection Events when planning these workshops and meetings. o  What is the significance of these findings? What are some possible explanations for these results? o  […]

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Steps for analysis of qualitative data

Qualitative data analysis will provide more in-depth understanding of the key study questions and of your quantitative findings. Analyze qualitative data with field staff, data collectors and relevant stakeholders to include their interpretation in the results. If feasible, conduct a portion of the qualitative data analysis with community members to include their interpretation and perspective. […]

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Steps for analyzing quantitative data

1.  Run descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics include frequencies, percentages, median and mean values. Frequencies and percentages For noncoded responses (e.g., value in local currency for monthly income or minutes to nearest water source): o  What were the maximum and minimum values? Any values that do not seem feasible should be cross-checked with the data included […]

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