Basic Monitoring & Evaluation Concepts: relationship between monitoring and evaluation for projects

Monitoring and evaluation are two interrelated and complementary activities that ensure that a project is progressing according to its objectives and is achieving its expected results. In other words, the project monitoring is a process of evaluating the extent to which the project is implementing the planned activities, and it is providing reliable data upon which the project evaluation can be based.

Also, monitoring and evaluation is the process of measuring and assessing a project's progress and sustainability. Both monitoring and evaluation are distinct, yet related activities. Monitoring is a form of project management and is the generally accepted term for the ongoing collection, analysis, and reporting of the actual performance of a project.

Evaluation is an independent assessment of the project's outcomes and sustainability, and is usually performed by an external entity. It is the responsibility of the executing organization to ensure that an evaluation is conducted. Monitoring and evaluation are required to ensure that the project is achieving its stated goals and objectives and to determine if it is on track to achieve its expected outcomes. Without monitoring and evaluation, there is no way to assess the project's performance and determine if it

Basic Monitoring and Evaluation Concepts

Md. Kaysar Kabir

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